Data Commercialisation – special number of European Review of Private Law

Better Regulation for a Data Economy? (Matthias E Storme)

A Consumer Law Perspective on the Commercialization of Data (Mateja Djurovic and Franciszek Lech)

Ownership Of Databases: Personal Data Protection And Intellectual Property Rights On Databases (Gemma Minero Alejandre)

The Quality of Life: Protecting Non-personal Interests and Non-personal Data in the Age of Big Data (Bart Van Der Sloot)

What Can We Do with the Data of Deceased People? A Normative Proposal (Iñigo de Miguel Beriain, Aliuska Duardo-Sánchez and José Castillo Parrilla)

The Legal Regulation of Digital Wealth: Commerce, Ownership and Inheritance of Data (José Antonio Castillo Parrilla)


European Review of Private Law, volume 29, issue 5 (pp 699-830), October 2021

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