Conference: Moral Values and Private Law III: School of Law, King’s College London, 12-13 June 2014

Programme includes:

  • Niamh Connolly, ‘The moral basis of unjust enrichment law’
  • John Goldberg and Benjamin Zipursky, ‘The strict liability in fault and the fault in strict liability’
  • James Goudkamp, ‘Apportionment for contributory negligence: should discounts be fixed or discretionary?’
  • Steve Hedley, ‘If corrective justice describes private law, does it also justify it?’
  • John Oberdiek, ‘Imposing risk’
  • Victor Tadros, ‘Three principles of compensatory justice’
  • Emmanuel Voyiakis, ‘Protecting people against the consequences of their negligence: the moral case in favour and its significance for tort theory’
  • Rachael Walsh, ‘The role of Thomistic property thinking in modern property theory’

Download programme from here; booking details are here.

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