Conference: Law of Obligations Surrounded by Other Normative Systems: Annual International Conference on Comparative Law, Warsaw, 6-7 November 2015

“Subject areas: 1. Morality, customs, praxeology and the content of an obligation. 2. Agreements which are not contracts, relevant to the law of obligations. 3. Obligations of the creditor: are they just correlates of the obligations of the debtor, or do they constitute a functionally separate category? 4. The history of the relationship of contract law and other normative systems. Interpretation, law-making and science of law. 5. ‘Socialist law’ in the capitalist reality (and vice versa). Interaction of the legal system with the extra-legal environment. The impact of socio-political formations on the shape of state, the content and the evolution of the law. 6. The future of the state law in terms of economic globalization …” (more)

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