‘Commission’s Guidance on Art 17 CDSM Directive: the authorisation dimension’

“The long-awaited European Commission Guidance on art 17 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive (CDSMD) was finally published on 4 June 2021, a mere working day before the transposition deadline of 7 June. Since then, there have already been several pieces published weighing in on the Guidance’s merits and shortcomings (mostly the latter), namely from civil society outfits like COMMUNIA, EDRi and EFF, as well as in this very blog in two thoughtful comments by Reda and Keller, and Jutte and Priora (see also here). The Guidance is adopted as a Commission Communication (COM(2021) 288 final), meaning that it is not legally binding …” (more)

[João Pedro Quintais, Kluwer Copyright Blog, 10 June]

First posted 2021-06-11 09:30:26

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