‘Celebrating the Scholarship of Richard A Epstein’: special number of the Journal of Legal Studies

Introduction (Thomas J Miles)

Classical Liberal Property and the Question of Institutional Choice (Thomas W Merrill)

Field Preemption: Opening the ‘Gates of Escape’ from Tort Law (Catherine M Sharkey)

Stakeholder Dynamics in Land Development Projects (Karen Bradshaw)

Hyde Park’s Two Turns in the Takings Clause Spotlight (Lior Jacob Strahilevitz)

The Genius of Common-Law Intellectual Property (Shyamkrishna Balganesh)

Lessons for Today’s Fields of Intellectual Property and Trade from Epstein’s Insights about Private Law and History (F Scott Kieff)

Patent Injunctions, Economics, and Rights (Adam Mossoff and Eric R Claeys)

Interest Groups Repairing Unconstitutionality: India’s Ninth Schedule (Shruti Rajagopalan)

Old Chicago against Static Welfare Economics (Malte F Dold and Mario J Rizzo)

Epstein on Health Law and Policy (David A Hyman)

Transaction Cost Economics, Labor Law, and the Gig Economy (Seth Oranburg and Liya Palagashvili)

Still in Mortal Peril? Recent Research Suggests a New Agenda for Health Care Reform (Anup Malani)

Classical Liberal Criminal Law (Rachel E Barkow)

Epstein on Private Discrimination: Searching for Common Ground (Richard H McAdams)


‘Celebrating the Scholarship of Richard A. Epstein: A Conference Sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School and New York University School of Law’, The Journal of Legal Studies volume 50, number S2 (June 2021)

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