Bruno Tassone, ‘The Loss of Chance Doctrine in a Comparative Perspective’

1. Introduction: a first map of Common Law systems and their contrasts – 2. A glance at the Italian situation – 3. The more likely than not in Common Law systems – 4. The position of the House of Lords – 5. The several theses of North American Formants – 6. Special cases: unexpected survival and autonomy of chance in the Australian system – 7. Conclusions.

Tassone, Bruno, The Loss of Chance Doctrine in a Comparative Perspective (May 29, 2021) in P Matera, M Proto and G Stanzione (eds), Annali del CERSIG – Centro di ricerca sulle Scienze Giuridiche, Eurilink, Rome, 2020, pp 99-155.

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