‘Book: Bruce W Frier, A Casebook on the Roman Law of Contracts (Oxford: OUP, 2021). ISBN 9780197573211, $US 99.00′

OUP is publishing a new casebook on the Roman law of contracts. About the book: Roman contract law has profoundly influenced subsequent legal systems throughout the world, but is inarguably an important subject in its own right. This casebook introduces students to the rich body of Roman law concerning contracts between private individuals. In order to bring out the intricacy of Roman contract law, the casebook employs the case-law method – actual Roman texts, drawn from Justinian’s Digest and other sources, are presented both in Latin and English, along with introductions and discussions that fill out the background of the cases and explore related legal issues … (more)

[Filip Batsele, ESCLH, 9 June]

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