Andrew Burrows, ‘Professor Sir Guenter Treitel (1928-2019)’

Sir Guenter Treitel died at the age of 90 on 14 June 2019. As a law student at Oxford in the 1970s, I used his textbook on The Law of Contract (then in its fourth edition) and I attended his contract lectures (including no fewer than 16 lectures on the doctrine of frustration!). During my five years as a Law Commissioner in the 1990s, he was a great help to me on the project that led to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. I still have the beautifully hand-written letters, running to many pages and containing scores of specific points … (more)

Lord Burrows, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, ‘Professor Sir Guenter Treitel (1928-2019)’. Talk at a workshop on Scholars of Contract Law, 7 May 2021. This is an extended version of a talk delivered at a workshop on Scholars of Contract Law held remotely on 7 May 2021 and convened by Professor James Goudkamp and Professor Donal Nolan. The paper will be published in 2022 in Scholars of Contract Law (eds Goudkamp and Nolan, Hart Publishing). The other contract scholars covered in the volume will include Gilbert, Colebrooke, Leake, Anson, Pollock, Williston, Corbin, Kessler, Macneil, Coote, and Cheshire and Fifoot.

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