Adrian Kuenzler, ‘On (some aspects of) social privacy in the social media space’

Recent scholarly debates about privacy in digital markets involve two distinct domains: privacy as individual autonomy; and privacy as a social practice of information-sharing and visibility. Both domains are preoccupied with different questions but legal scholarship does not always account for their disparity. On the one hand, the autonomy scholars who study privacy are inclined to stress the manner in which privacy enables individuals to be ‘left alone’, to limit the extent of knowledge and access others have to their personal environment through information, presence, and vicinity, and thus to hold a reasonable measure of control over the way in which they can present themselves to others …

Adrian Kuenzler, On (some aspects of) social privacy in the social media space, International Data Privacy Law, Published: 20 October 2021.

First posted 2021-10-25 16:00:23

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