‘A New Perspective on Market Actor Behavior, Motivations and Beliefs’

“In my article ‘Tribes and Temperaments: Two Underappreciated Determinants of Market Actor Behavior, Motivations and Beliefs’, prepared for a volume on Hidden Fallacies in Corporate Law and Financial Regulation, I make two arguments, one narrow and one very broad. The narrow argument is that law and economics does not take tribes or temperaments, as I define them, into account in its analyses of markets and market activity, and that it should. That it does not is easy to demonstrate, as is that it can; the chapter contains many examples, some of which are mentioned below, of market behavior that is far better explained with reference to tribes and temperament than it is without them …” (more)

[Claire Hill, Oxford Business Law Blog, 21 September]

First posted 2021-09-21 15:00:38

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