Xandra Kramer, ‘European Private International Law: The Way Forward’

This paper aims to provide the background of European private international law for the purpose of informing on possible courses of action. It clarifies the role of private international law in the EU, discusses past and present policy, describes the existing legislative framework and gaps in the current framework, and maps the policy options for future action.

Over the past fifteen years, a widely comprehensive framework of European private international law instruments has been established. However, there are still gaps in the current framework. A study and a briefing note requested by the European Parliament in 2012 identified the gaps and the required additions, and addressed the question of whether a more comprehensive framework or code of private international law was needed, and if so, how this could be achieved. The current paper builds on these works, addressing subsequent developments and expanding on the way forward.

Kramer, Xandra E, European Private International Law: The Way Forward (September 8, 2014). In-depth analysis European Parliament, workshop on Upcoming Issues of EU Law.

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