Unjustified enrichment: South Africa and Europe

“A workshop took place in the famous Raeburn Room at Edinburgh University on Friday 24 January on the theme of New Directions in Unjustified Enrichment: Learning from South Africa. Many great beasts of the enrichment forest were there, from England and Germany as well as South Africa and Scotland. The main speakers were Helen Scott (Cape Town) and Jacques du Plessis (Stellenbosch). There were responses from Andrew Burrows (Oxford), Daniё Visser (Cape Town) and Hector MacQueen (Edinburgh) followed by general discussion. The focus was on the ‘unjustified’ element in an unjustified enrichment claim and mainly on enrichments by transfer. Helen Scott explained why she thought that the South African law in this area could not be properly explained without giving a prominent role to mistake and other so-called ‘unjust factors’ …” (more)

[Eric Clive, European Private Law News, 27 January]

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