‘The Perils of A Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith’

“I’ve recently finished writing a textbook on contract clauses which takes a different approach to teaching contracts. The book, to be published in September, uses contract clauses and case excerpts to introduce doctrinal concepts and to teach students how to problem solve. (I always thought it unfortunate that a typical 1L learns contract law without knowing what common contract clauses mean or how they relate to what they’ve been learning). One of the cases mentioned in my book is SIGA Technologies, Inc v PharmAthene, Inc, 67 A. 3d 330 (Del 2013). I’ve been meaning to blog about this case for some time now …” (more)

[Nancy Kim, ContractsProf Blog, 18 April]

First posted 2016-04-18 16:29:44

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