‘The Not So Beautiful Game: The Liability of Football Clubs for Sexual Abuse’: Newcastle Law School, 8 May 2017, 16:00-18:30pm

… Criminal charges will be brought at the conclusion of these investigations where sexual abuse is proven to have occurred. Questions will also be raised as to the liability of the football clubs to compensate the victims of the sexual abuse. This seminar will explore the prospective liability of the football clubs to compensate the victims. Specifically, it will consider whether the clubs can be held strictly liable for that sexual abuse on the basis of the relationship between the clubs and the coaching staff who engaged in the sexual abuse, by way of vicarious liability or liability for breach of a non-delegable duty of care. A renowned group of international experts on strict liability have been brought together for one afternoon to discuss the issues: Professor Greg Keating – University of Southern California; Professor Paula Giliker – University of Bristol; Dr Christine Beuermann – University of Newcastle; Phillip Morgan – York University (more).

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