‘Sense and Sensibility (for Lawyers)’

“During the first lecture of the popular Comparative Contract Law course here at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law, MEPLI’s Jan Smits – the course coordinator – starts off by cautioning the first year students. He states that when one commences the study of law, they will inevitably start seeing the world through “legal goggles” where everything and anything we see could become a potential legal issue: A banana is no longer just a fruit, but a tort waiting to happen and every promise is a fundamental breach in disguise. Implied in his admonition is that as we embark on the study of law, it is important for us to maintain our sensibility and to hold on to our common sense with a kungfu grip …” (more)

[Mark Kawakami, MEPLI Blog, 11 December]

First posted 2014-12-11 11:47:46

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