Rex Ahdar, ‘Contract Doctrine, Predictability and the Nebulous Exception’

There is a tendency in contemporary contract law for judges to “never say never” and permit an open-ended exception from the rule. This nebulous exception is designed to cater for the rare instance where application of the rule would be undesirable in the interests of justice. However, this kind of imprecise exception is deleterious in terms of the unpredictability it generates, as well as the attendant increases in time and costs that result. The “never say never” approach is to be discouraged in contract law where commercial predictability, while certainly not inviolable, nonetheless remains a weighty goal deserving of continued deference.

Rex Ahdar, CONTRACT DOCTRINE, PREDICTABILITY AND THE NEBULOUS EXCEPTION. Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 73, Issue 01, March 2014, pp 39-60. DOI: Published online: 07 March 2014.

First posted 2014-03-10 07:06:41

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