Radin Meets Readers (and a Packed Audience) at Law & Society Annual Meeting

“A panel of five contracts law scholars met to discuss Margaret Radin’s Boilerplate in front of an audience of over thirty attendees at the annual Law & Society meeting in Boston on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Tal Kastner of Princeton University did a great job moderating and raising a provocative discussion. Although scheduled to end at 6:15pm, the attendees stayed until almost 7pm. What follows is a brief write-up of the discussion with my own comments interspersed. The readers included Stewart Macaulay, David Campbell, Aditi Bagchi, Peter Benson, and Guy Rub, speaking in that order. Stewart was positive about the book and began his comments with a reminder of the anti-lawsuit attitude given voice in tort reform. The restrictions on rights that occur through boilerplate, he suggested, is a further reflection of this attitude …” (more)

[ContractsProf Blog, 3 June]

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