Private Law Theory blog – the first year

This blog went live on 3 September 2011. Since then there have been 501 published posts. There have been 24,143 pageviews (about 65 a day), comprising 12,129 visits from 4,884 unique visitors. 42% of visits come via Google,  37% are direct, the remainder from a variety of referrers. 9% of the visits were through mobile devices.  Visitors were located worldwide, most commonly in Canada (14%), Ireland (13%), the US (12%), the UK (11%), Australia (9%), and Israel (4%). The most common cities were:

  1. Cork
  2. Montreal
  3. Kingston, Ontario
  4. Toronto
  5. Dublin
  6. London, England
  7. Brisbane
  8. Sydney
  9. Melbourne
  10. Hong Kong

The most popular posts over the year were:

  1. Anat Rosenberg, ‘Classical Contract Law, Past and Present’
  2. Nicole Kornet, ‘The Common European Sales Law and the CISG – Complicating or Simplifying the Legal Environment?’
  3. Stefan Grundmann, ‘The Future of Contract Law’
  4. Simon Whittaker, ‘The Proposed Common European Sales Law: Legal Framework and the Agreement of the Parties’
  5. The Concept of Ownership and the Relativity of Title
  6. Frank Emmert, ‘The Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) – The Most Interesting Development in Contract Law Since the Code Civil and the BGB’
  7. Martijn Hesselink, ‘How to Opt into the Common European Sales Law? Brief Comments on the Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation’
  8. Jan Smits, ‘The Common European Sales Law (CESL) Beyond Party Choice’
  9. The New Private Law from the Harvard Law Review: Theory, Tort, Property, and more Theory
  10. Jeffrey Helmreich, ‘Does “Sorry” Incriminate? Evidence, Harm and the Meaning of Apologies’

So far, so good, if I say so myself.  All comments, criticisms and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

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