Private Law Theory blog, the first 4 years

4This blog went live on 3 September 2011, and since then there have been 2,526 published posts. Each post goes out to current subscribers – there are currently 424 subscribers. In this past year there have been 132,649 page views, by 17,308 distinct visitors. The pages were viewed from: United Kingdom (19.52%), United States (14.06%), Canada (9.85%), Ireland (6.71%), Australia (5.01%), Germany (3.53%), Israel (3.09%), China (2.91%), Netherlands (2.89%), South Africa (2.17%), Russia (2.04%), Italy (1.94%), South Korea (1.73%), Singapore (1.65%) and Belgium (1.51%). The most common cities were:

  1. London (6.58%)
  2. Dublin (5.01%)
  3. Oxford (4.11%)
  4. Montreal (2.47%)
  5. Toronto (2.41%)
  6. Tel Aviv-Yafo (2.16%)
  7. Hong Kong (1.97%)
  8. New York (1.89%)
  9. Seoul (1.54%)
  10. Kingston (1.40%)
  11. Leicester (1.28%)
  12. Santiago (1.27%)
  13. Hamburg (1.25%)
  14. Zhuhai (1.19%)
  15. Cambridge (1.15%)

The most popular posts over the year (conference and book announcements aside) were:

  1. Eric Clive, ‘Proposal for a Common European Sales Law withdrawn’ (European Private Law News)
  2. Larissa Katz, ‘The Concept of Ownership and the Relativity of Title’ (Jurisprudence)
  3. Horst Eidenmueller, ‘Justifying Fair Price Rules in Contract Law’ (SSRN)
  4. Lynn LoPucki, ‘Disciplining Legal Scholarship’ (Tulane Law Review)
  5. Ted Sichelman, ‘Most Cited Private Law Articles Published in the Last 25 Years’ (New Private Law)
  6. Nicholas McBride, ‘Michael v Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2015] UKSC 2′ (SSRN)
  7. Martin Dixon, ‘Confining and Defining Proprietary Estoppel: The Role of Unconscionability’ (SSRN)
  8. David Driesen and Robin Malloy, ‘Critiques of Law and Economics’ (SSRN)
  9. Daniel Klerman, ‘Economic Analysis of Legal History’ (SSRN)
  10. William Swadling, ‘The Fiction of the Constructive Trust’ (Current Legal Problems)
  11. Jeff Lipshaw, ‘“Private Law” is an Oxymoron’ (The Legal Whiteboard)
  12. James Stern, ‘Mutual Exclusivity and the Nature of Property’ (SSRN)
  13. Patrick Goold, ‘The Analytic Jurisprudence of the New Private Law’ (New Private Law)
  14. Shawn Bayern, ‘Offer and Acceptance in Modern Contract Law: A Needless Concept’ (California Law Review)
  15. Dan Kelly, ‘The New Private Law – Harvard Law Review Symposium’ (New Private Law)
  16. Jane Stapleton, ‘An “Extended But-For” Test for the Causal Relation in the Law of Obligations’ (Oxford Journal of Legal Studies)
  17. Duncan Sheehan and TT Arvind, ‘Private law theory and taxonomy: reframing the debate’ (Legal Studies)
  18. David Singh Grewal, ‘Review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ (Harvard Law Review)
  19. Andrew Burrows, ‘The Influence of Comparative Law on the English Law of Obligations’ (SSRN)
  20. John Goldberg, ‘Tort Law ABCs …’ (New Private Law)

and the most popular videos:

  1. A symposium with Professor Allan Beever at Newcastle Law School
  2. Professor Robert Stevens, “Causation and Contribution”
  3. Obligations VI Conference – Professors Ken Oliphant and Donal Nolan
  4. How can moral philosophers benefit from grappling with private law issues?
  5. The relationship between personal life and private law
  6. A European Contract Law: a cuckoo in the nest?
  7. A Symposium in Honour of John McCamus – PANEL I: CONTRACT LAW
  8. Guido Calabresi: The Place of Torts in Law and Economics: The Significance of the Liability Rule
  9. Professor Antony Duff, “Torts and Crimes”
  10. Symposium in Honour of John McCamus – PANEL II: RESTITUTION LAW

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