‘New Private Law Theory: Problems and Perspectives’ – special issue of German Law Journal

New Private Law Theory – A Very Brief Introduction (Stefan Grundmann, Hans-W Micklitz and Moritz Renner)

‘New Private Law Theory’ as a Mosaic: What Can Hold (Most of) It Together? (Hanoch Dagan)

A New Genre for a Discipline Made New (Daniel Markovits)

Is Law Like Social Sciences? On ‘New Private Law Theory’ and the Call for Disciplinary Pluralism (Giorgio Resta)

About the Methods of Studying Private Law: An Italian Perspective (Guido Alpa)

Private Law Theory and the ‘Global Legal Community’ (Ralf Michaels)

Private Law and the New Social Question (Simon Deakin)

Civil Courts and Delocalized Justice: Reflections on the Shell Nigeria Cases in Light of Theories of Communication and Constitutionalization (Chantal Mak)

A Private Law Theory for Sustainable Legal Education? (Candida Leone)

Anything Goes in Private Law Theory? On the Epistemic and Ontological Commitments of Private Law and Multi-Pluralism (Martijn W Hesselink)

Smart Contracts, Consumer Protection, and Competing European Narratives of Private Law (Marisaria Maugeri)


‘New Private Law Theory: Problems and Perspectives’, German Law Journal volume 23 – special issue 6 – July 2022

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