Max Kennerly, ‘The Danger of Assuming Judicial Omniscience in Tort Law’

“When Chris invited me to write a guest post for TortsProf, I already knew what I was going to write about: how the courthouse doors were being increasingly closed on tort plaintiffs by way of procedural changes, to the point that, in many contexts, civil procedure law was more determinative of the outcome of tort disputes than substantive law. Between the time I came up with my article, however, and the time it was due, civil procedure Professor Arthur Miller published his new article, Simplified Pleading, Meaningful Days in Court, and Trials on the Merits: Reflections on the Deformation of Federal Procedure. Talk about being preempted …” (more)

[Max Kennerly, TortsProf Blog, 26 April]

First posted 2013-04-26 14:23:53

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