‘Interpretation and Construction 1: Francis Lieber’

“In several posts on DIRECTV v Imburgia (here, here and here), I suggested that the interpretation-construction distinction illuminates some of the Supreme Court’s recent arbitration cases. The interpretation-construction distinction has recently been receiving more attention from con law theorists than from contract theorists. (See, eg, here, here and here.) I’ve been working on a larger project on contract interpretation and construction, and want to use a few posts here to share some of what I’ve learned about the history and development of the distinction. What I have only scratches the surface. The history is a rich vein waiting to be mined. These posts describe only the outlines of the story as I currently understand it. In my telling, it has three protagonists: Francis Lieber, Samuel Williston and Arthur Linton Corbin …” (more)

[Greg Klass, New Private Law, 19 November]

First posted 2015-11-19 15:34:12

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