‘Farewell to unjustified enrichment?’

“‘That was a surprisingly civilised discussion’ said Eric Descheemaeker as he brought to a close the workshop on unjustified enrichment at 7pm last Friday. The remark was understandable. The main speaker, Nils Jansen, had been arguing that it was time to abandon the idea of a unified law of unjustified enrichment. Several people in the audience had devoted time and effort to developing and promoting just such an idea. The discussion, in the Raeburn room, was indeed civilised. But why should this be surprising? Fine intellectual effort is always to be respected and this was manifestly on display. People were keen to learn from what the speaker had to say and were looking for good ideas in his presentation. There were plenty of these too …” (more)

[Eric Clive, European Private Law News, 29 February]

First posted 2016-03-01 07:20:10

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