Doug Rendleman, ‘Remedies: A Guide for the Perplexed’

Remedies is one of a law student’s most practical courses. Remedies students and their professors learn to work with their eyes on the question at the end of litigation: what can the court do for the successful plaintiff? Remedies develops students’ professional identities and broadens their professional horizons by reorganizing their analysis of procedure, torts, contracts, and property around choosing and measuring relief – compensatory damages, punitive damages, an injunction, specific performance, disgorgement, and restitution. This article discusses the law-school course in Remedies – the content of the Remedies course, the Remedies classroom experience, and Remedies outside the classroom through research, scholarship, consulting, and public service.

Rendleman, Doug, Remedies: A Guide for the Perplexed (February 18, 2013). St. Louis University Law Journal, Vol. 57, 2013; Washington & Lee Legal Studies Paper No. 2013-03.

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