‘Contract Law Present and Future: A Symposium to Honor Professor Charles L Knapp on Fifty Years of Teaching Law’

Hastings Law Journal, Volume 66, Issue 4 (May 2015) – Symposium issue – online here.

Carol L Chomsky, ‘Casebooks and the Future of Contracts Pedagogy’

Thomas W Joo, ‘Under the Sun: Casebooks and the Future of Contracts Teaching’

William J Woodward, Jr, ‘Contraps’

Jay M Feinman ‘The Duty of Good Faith: A Perspective on Contemporary Contract Law’

Emily MS Houh, ‘Sketches of a Redemptive Theory of Contract Law’

Peter Linzer, ‘Contract as Evil’

Hazel Glenn Beh, ‘Curing the Infirmities of the Unconscionability Doctrine’

David Horton, ‘Contractual Indescendibility’

Charles L Knapp, ‘Is There a “Duty to Read”?’

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