Conference: Transnational Law and Social Justice: London School of Economics, 26-27 June 2015

The Transnational Law & Social Justice project aims to study how transnational law shapes, facilitates and challenges economic, political and cultural exclusion in a fragmented legal and political landscape. We are pleased to invite contributions from lawyers and non-lawyers, early-career scholars and PhD researchers whose work examines pervasive inequalities in the transnational context.

Our first event will be hosted by the London School of Economics on June 26-27, 2015 and will feature a roundtable discussion on the methodological challenges raised by the study of transnational law and its distributional effects, with legal scholars whose work addresses legal changes on the transnational level. The roundtable will be followed by a series of thematic panels featuring speakers whose papers have been selected.

Panels will focus more specifically on the normative dimensions of family, marketplace and workplace regulations. In choosing these three themes, our aim is to examine the effects of transnational law on individuals’ everyday life, while also analyzing themes that are often neglected in the global or transnational governance debates because labelled as ‘private’ (more, call for papers).

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