Civil Recourse Symposium papers – Indiana Law Journal

Now on open access at the Indiana Law Journal are papers from the AALS Torts and Compensation Systems Panel on Civil Recourse, some of which have already been published on the net. The full list of papers is:

Twenty-First Century Tort Theories: The Internalist/Externalist Debate
Michael L. Rustad

Civil Recourse Theory’s Reductionism
Guido Calabresi

Instrumental and Noninstrumental Theories of Tort Law
Richard A. Posner

Beneath the Surface of Civil Recourse Theory
Martha Chamallas

Two Roads Diverge for Civil Recourse Theory
Christopher J. Robinette

Civil Recourse Defended: A Reply to Posner, Calabresi, Rustad, Chamallas, and Robinette
John C. Goldberg & Benjamin C. Zipursky

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