Charles Knapp, ‘Cases and Controversies: Some Things to Do with Contracts Cases’

In this article, written as part of a symposium on “Contracts in the Real World,” Professor Knapp draws on his 40-plus years of experience teaching the Contracts course, to suggest some of the various ways in which the reports of decided cases can be employed in the teaching of that subject, beyond the basic task of communicating doctrine to students entering law study. He cites and discusses dozens of cases, ranging over more than a century and a half of American and English jurisprudence. Although most of the cases he analyzes can be found in present or past editions of the Knapp, Crystal & Prince casebook, Problems in Contract Law, a majority will probably be familiar to any teacher of the subject.

Knapp, Charles L., Cases and Controversies: Some Things to Do with Contracts Cases (2013). 88 Washington Law Review 1357; UC Hastings Research Paper No. 87.

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