Amy Kapczynski, ‘Intellectual Property’s Leviathan’

… This depiction of the state as a neoliberal Leviathan has become commonsensical. I will not here attempt to defend an alternative account of the modern state, but I do want to suggest grounds to suspect that this neoliberal image does not serve us well. For example, as I will show, neither side in the current debates over IP sustains an image of the state as irredeemably neoliberal because a capable, flexible, and responsive state is essential to each side’s competing vision of the good life. Insofar as our theories require a decent state, it seems important to be able to describe one and to offer an account of the conditions that might sustain it. Moreover, there is some evidence in the domain of information policy that the modern state can be capable and efficacious, as well as open to democratic claims-making … (more)

Amy Kapczynski, ‘Intellectual Property’s Leviathan’. Law and Contemporary Problems, Volume 77, Number 4 (‘Law and Neoliberalism’) (2014).

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