Would you prefer your posts from the Private Law Theory blog to be more selective?

As you may know, the current e-mail subscription facility is undiscriminating, notifying all 600-odd subscribers of everything new, even if their interests are more limited. I have allowed this situation to continue for so long partly because it works, but mostly because the alternative is worse: extra admin and complication for all concerned, over-reliance on developers I have no reason to trust, and difficulties caused by spammers or worse. Nonetheless, I have decided (not without misgivings) to take the plunge with a new system that allows subscribers to specify which topics they wish to receive e-mails on.

To use this system, you need to register with private-law-theory.org, and then specify which topics you wish to be updated about.

  1. To register, go to the registration page, and type in a username as well as your e-mail address. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail, which will ask you to specify a password. Keep a note of your chosen username and password, you need them at the next stage.
  2. To select topics or amend your choice, log in with your username and password. Click on “Private Law Theory” (top left) and select “Dashboard”; at the Dashboard, click “Subscribe2” (left sidebar). Specify which topics you wish to be updated on, and when finished click “Update Preferences” – then log out (top right).

Please note:

(A) Convenient links to the login/registration pages mentioned here are on the “Meta” widget, bottom right of any public page on this site.

(B) If you are happy to receive all posts from this blog, as subscribers have been up until now, then DON’T DO ANYTHING. The earlier subscription system remains in place, and will work as before. If you register under the new system and let it send everything, then (i) it will work perfectly at first but (ii) soon afterwards I will probably delete your account, because from my end you will look exactly like a spam robot.

(C) If you really can’t make the system work, e-mail me – I will do my best to sort it out, but give no guarantees about how quickly that will happen.

Happy theorising,

Steve Hedley

First posted 2017-10-21 09:36:18

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