World Tort Law Society’s Conference on Product Liability: Vienna, 17 September 2015

“At the Conference on the topic of Product Liability on 17th of September 2015 in in the Austrian Ministry of Justice (Palais Trautson), Museumsstrasse 7, 1070, Vienna, organised by the Institute for European Tort Law (ETL) and the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL), the World Tort Law Society will present the results of their research on this issue dealing with and analysing current problems of product liability worldwide. Helmut Koziol (ECTIL) will present the comparative conclusions of the WTLS research to which international scholars will offer their comments: YANG Lixin (Renmin University, Beijing), Catherine M SHARKEY (New York University), Ken OLIPHANT (University of Bristol) and Anton FAGAN (University of Cape Town) …” (more)

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