‘The Lucrative Business of Lending Against an Expected Inheritance’

David Horton and Andrea Cann Chandrasekher, Probate Lending, 126 Yale Law Journal 102 (2016). Recently, private companies have begun advancing funds to estate beneficiaries in exchange for the beneficiaries’ anticipated inheritances from those estates. These ‘probate loans’, which have never even been mentioned in another law review article, are explored in detail by Professors David Horton and Andrea Cann Chandrasekher in Probate Lending. In their excellent article, Professors Horton and Chandrasekher analyze 594 probate administrations that occurred in Alameda County, California, during 2007. Through this analysis, they learned that probate lending is more prevalent than one might expect … (more)

[Sergio Pareja, JOTWELL, 13 April]

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