‘Teaching Trusts and Estates’

Robert H Sitkoff, Trusts and Estates: Implementing Freedom of Disposition, 58 St Louis University Law Journal 643 (forthcoming, 2014), available at SSRN. Professor Robert Sitkoff’s article, Trusts and Estates: Implementing Freedom of Disposition, provides practical information and addresses major themes for professors teaching trusts and estates including intestacy, wills, trusts and planning for incapacity. It is a wonderful primer for professors and students new to the area of estates and trusts. For the more seasoned professors, Professor Sitkoff provides policy questions that will certainly provide an opportunity for healthy debates amongst the students. There are only a handful of articles that explicitly address trusts and estates pedagogy; this article does not simply summarize the curriculum, but rather it encourages law faculty to think in a big picture way about the overarching issues. As such, it is an important contribution to the scholarly literature. Professor Sitkoff suggests that the subject be viewed through the lens of “freedom of disposition”, in contrast to the more traditional approach … (more)

[Phyllis C Taite, JOTWELL, 8 August]

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