Ritter and Mayer, ‘Regulating Data as Property: A New Construct for Moving Forward’

“The global community urgently needs precise, clear rules that define ownership of data and express the attendant rights to license, transfer, use, modify, and destroy digital information assets. In response, this article proposes a new approach for regulating data as an entirely new class of property. Recently, European and Asian public officials and industries have called for data ownership principles to be developed, above and beyond current privacy and data protection laws. In addition, official policy guidances and legal proposals have been published that offer to accelerate realization of a property rights structure for digital information. But how can ownership of digital information be achieved? How can those rights be transferred and enforced? …” (more)

Jeremy Ritter and Anna Mayer, ‘Regulating Data as Property: A New Construct for Moving Forward’, 16 Duke Law and Technology Review 220 (March 2018).

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