Recently published: International Negotiable Instruments (Benjamin Geva and Sagi Peari)

For centuries, negotiable instruments have played a vital role in the smooth operation of domestic and international commerce. The payment mechanisms have been subject to rapid technological progress and law has needed to adapt and respond to ensure that the legal framework remains relevant and effective. This book provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the question of applicable law to negotiable instruments. Specifically, the authors challenge the conventional view according to which the fundamentals of negotiable instruments law are excluded from the scope and insights of general contract and property law doctrines and as such not subject to the general conflict of laws rules governing them. The authors make concrete suggestions for reform and contemplate on the nature of the conflict of laws rules that can also be applied in the digital age of communication.

Benjamin Geva and Sagi Peari, International Negotiable Instruments. Oxford Univierty Press. Published: 10 February 2021. 304pp. ISBN: 9780198828686.

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