Recently published: Häcker and Mitchell (eds), Current Issues in Succession Law

While continental and comparative lawyers have recently rediscovered succession law as an area of immense practical importance deserving greater academic attention, it is still a neglected field in England. This book aims to reinvigorate the English debate. It brings together contributions by leading academics and practitioners engaging with topical issues as well as questions of fundamental importance in succession law and estate planning. The book will be of interest to both academics and practitioners working in the field, and to non-English comparative lawyers.

1. Intestacy Reform in 2014 – Unfinished Business (Roger Kerridge)
2. Disquieting Thoughts: Who Will Benefit When We Are Gone? (Rebecca Probert)
3. How Does the Common Law Forfeiture Rule Work? (Ian Williams)
4. Proprietary Estoppel: Undermining the Law of Succession? (Ben McFarlane)
5. Explaining the Mutual Wills Doctrine (Ying Khai Liew)
6. What’s in a Will? – Examining the Modern Approach Towards the Interpretation and Rectification of Testamentary Instruments (Birke Häcker)
7. Capacity and Want of Knowledge and Approval (Penelope Reed)
8. Reversing Testamentary Dispositions in Favour of Informal Carers (Brian Sloan)
9. What Is Left of the Non-Delegation Principle? (Lionel Smith)
10. Pension Death Benefits: Opportunities and Pitfalls (Alexandra Braun)
11. Estate Planning for Businesses (Emma Chamberlain)

Current Issues in Succession Law. Editors: Birke Häcker, Charles Mitchell. Published: 28-07-2016. 320pp. ISBN: 9781782256274. Hart Publishing. RRP: £70.00.

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