Nikolaos Davrados, ‘Demystifying Enrichment Without Cause’

… This Article explores two mysteries surrounding the theory of enrichment without cause that still bedevil scholars and the courts – the theory’s foundation and its scope of application. Part I examines the history, characteristic features, and underlying principles of enrichment without cause as a source of obligations and a special expression of the more general principle of unjustified enrichment. Part II applies this historical and comparative information in an attempt to decipher the precise scope of application of enrichment without cause in Louisiana law, in hopes that this contribution will prompt a more general discussion on the formulation of a coherent Louisiana model of enrichment without cause …

Nikolaos A Davrados, Demystifying Enrichment Without Cause, Louisiana Law Review Volume 78 Number 4 Spring 2018.

First posted 2018-06-05 12:12:00

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