Matthew Dyson, ‘What Does Risk-Reasoning Do in Tort Law?’

This chapter is a draft of the conclusion to an edited collection on how private law (particularly tort law) conceives of risk, generates liability from risk and seeks to use liability to control risk. It is made up for 18 substantive chapters, two each from England, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Chile, South Africa and Brazil. The volume will be published later in 2017 by Intersentia. This chapter sets out the main findings from the volume, analyses them comparatively, and shows what risk-reasoning does within tort law.

Dyson, Matthew, What Does Risk-Reasoning Do in Tort Law? (July 29, 2017). The final form of this paper will appear as the conclusion in Matthew Dyson (ed) Regulating Risk Through Private Law (Intersentia, 2017).

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