Manwaring, Kemp and Nicholls, ‘(mis)Informed Consent in Australia’

… It is clear that consumers expect the law to protect them when it comes to how data is collected, shared and used. This report explores the notion of ‘informed consent’ in relation to commercial dealings with consumer data and its effectiveness to appropriately protect individuals under the law in Australia. It discusses aspects of informed consent in the context of the current legislative and regulatory framework regulating such dealings, and recommends changes to regulatory and legislative frameworks that deal with consumer data handling and standard form agreements. This report sets out the research and critical analysis of three UNSW scholars, from the School of Global and Public Law, School of Management and Governance, and School of Private and Commercial Law in the Faculties of Business and Law & Justice …

Manwaring, Kayleen and Kemp, Katharine and Nicholls, Rob, (mis)Informed Consent in Australia (March 31, 2021). Report (UNSWorks).

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