Leczykiewicz and Weatherill, ‘The Images of the Consumer in EU Law’

This is an introductory chapter to a book consisting of contributions exploring from different perspectives the ‘images’ of the consumer as the foundation for various EU policies, more or less directly oriented towards the goal of consumer protection. The purpose of the volume was to establish what visions of the consumer there are in different contexts of EU law, whether they are consistent, and whether EU law’s engagement with with consumer-related considerations is sincere or merely instrumental to the achievement of other goals.

Leczykiewicz, Dorota and Weatherill, Stephen, The Images of the Consumer in EU Law (September 1, 2015). The Images of the Consumer in EU Law: Legislation, Free Movement and Competition Law, edited by Dorota Leczykiewicz and Stephen Weatherill (Hart Publishing Oxford 2016); Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper No 9/2016.

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