Just Published: Worthington, Robertson and Virgo (eds), Revolution and Evolution in Private Law

1. Revolution and Evolution in Private Law (Sarah Worthington)

2. Revolutions in Private Law? (David Ibbetson)

3. Private Law’s Revolutionaries: Authors, Codifiers and Merchants? (Hector L MacQueen)

4. Paradigms Lost or Paradigms Regained? Legal Revolutions and the Path of the Law (TT Arvind)

5. Risk Revolutions in Private Law (Jenny Steele)

6. The Unacknowledged Revolution in Liability for Negligence (Steve Hedley)

7. A Revolution in Vicarious Liability: Lister, the Catholic Child Welfare Society Case and Beyond (Paula Giliker)

8. Revolutions in Contractual Interpretation: A Historical Perspective (Joanna McCunn)

9. Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Equitable Estoppel (Andrew Robertson)

10. Reflections on the Restitution Revolution: 1. England and Wales (Amy Goymour); 2. Australia (Elise Bant); 3. Canada (Mitchell McInnes); 4. South Africa (Helen Scott); 5. A Judicial Perspective (Terence Etherton)

11. Revolutions in Personal Property: Redrawing the Common Law’s Conceptual Map (Sarah Worthington)

12. Modern Equity: Revolution or Renewal from Within? (Pauline Ridge)

13. Concurrent Liability: A Spluttering Revolution (Paul S Davies)

14. The Illegality Revolution (Graham Virgo)

15. The Revolutionary Trajectory of EU Contract Law towards Post-national Law (Hugh Collins)

Sarah Worthington, Andrew Robertson and Graham Virgo eds, Revolution and Evolution in Private Law, Hart Publishing, 11 January 2018, 376 pp, ISBN 1509913246.

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