International Journal of the Legal Profession – special number on Legal Malpractice

International Journal of the Legal Profession, Volume 24, Issue 2, July 2017 is now available – special number on Legal Malpractice.

Editorial (Herbert M Kritzer)

Lawyers’ professional liability: comparative perspectives (Herbert M Kritzer)

Understanding lawyer default in England and Wales: an analysis of insurance and complaints data (Andrew Boon)

Making lawyers pay for malpractice in court: skirting advocates’ immunity in Australia (Francesca Bartlett)

Informed consent to legal treatment – lessons from medical informed consent (Eyal Katvan and Boaz Shnoor)

Legal malpractice in Belgium: redress from a client perspective (Stefan Rutten, Bernard Hubeau and Jean Van Houtte)

Legal malpractice lawsuits in Japan: past, present and future (Kay-Wah Chan)

Summary compensation and apology orders in England and Wales, Australia and New Zealand: different structures, different responses? (Francesca Bartlett)

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