‘Filming emergency scenes as a bystander: a tortious duty for those who do not assist victims?’

“In light of the recent London terror attacks in which bystanders filming the incident both hindered and assisted police, debate has raged as to whether this type of conduct at emergency situations should be seen as acceptable – particularly as nearly every individual now carries a device capable of recording such scenes and uploading them onto social media instantaneously. Lecturer Amelia J Uelmen, of Georgetown University Law Center, argued in a recent paper that the prevalence of bystanders filming or taking pictures of victims at emergency scenes requires the creation of a new tort: exploitative objectification of a person in need of emergency assistance. This would impose liability on those bystanders who film emergency scenes instead of assisting victims …” (more)

[Liam Elphick, 22 June]

First posted 2017-06-23 07:14:55

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