‘Divorce and money – where are we and where are we going?’

“The advance towards the digital court, heralded by the progress towards on‐line divorce (in which expression I include for present purposes the analogous processes in relation to civil partnership, judicial separation and nullity), demands that we now tackle an issue which has been around for some time. Why is it that what is referred to in some places as ancillary relief is still, as the name indicates, part of the divorce process? Has the time not come to bring about a complete de‐linking – separation – of divorce and ‘money’, so that they are started and pursued by completely separate processes, albeit, of course, that the timeline for ancillary relief is determined by the progress of the divorce? My view, which I have been propounding for some time, is an unequivocal and emphatic YES! …” (more)

‘View from the President’s Chambers (17): Divorce and money – where are we and where are we going?’, Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, 17 May 2017.

First posted 2017-05-18 08:49:00

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