‘Digital Single Market: Key points of civil law and civil procedure’, EBS Law School Wiesbaden, Germany, 22-23 June 2017 (conference language: German)

On May 6 2015, the European Commission presented its Digital Single Market Strategy. Its aim is to further develop the ‘Digital Agenda’ as a part of the overall strategy ‘Europe 2020’, which was adopted in June 2010 by the European Council. Thereby, the European Union intends to create a special digital single market in order to fully unleash the potential for development of the digital economy and to incentivize economic growth. Against this background, the conference’s objective is to analyze and unravel the key points of the Digital Agenda of the European Commission on civil law. This includes the European Commission’s Proposals for Directives on online sales and the supply of digital content but also general questions of doctrine and theory such as the data protection in data trade, property rights to data, the role of consent in contracts to digital content, data as consideration, control of unfair terms as well as economic aspects of data trade. In addition, a special focus will be on accompanying civil procedure such as online dispute resolution, strategic litigation, and private enforcement but also steps towards a digitalization of procedure, in particular in respect to service of process and taking of evidence. The conference will close with a look at the EU’s future in ‘e-justice’ (more).

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