David Neuberger, ‘Access to Justice’

“… It is also right to focus on a serious topic, and I think that the right topic for this morning is the very important, if not entirely original, subject of access to justice. It is all very well for us to sing the praises of our legal systems, to congratulate ourselves on the high quality of our judges and lawyers, and to take pride in the popularity of the common law in international business. But we have a serious problem with access to justice for ordinary citizens and small and medium sized businesses. In his message to this conference, your President writes: ‘Australia’s legal assistance services are increasingly under-resourced leaving thousands [I expect he could have written ‘millions’] of Australians without adequate access to quality legal advice and assistance’, and he adds that ‘whilst there is universal agreement that more funding is needed … there is little appetite by Government to make this a priority’. Those words apply every bit as much to the United Kingdom, perhaps particularly to England and Wales, as they do to Australia …” (more)

‘Access to Justice’, Welcome address to Australian Bar Association Biennial Conference, Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, 3 July 2017.

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