‘Copyright and the Internet: Poland v Parliament and Council (Case C-401/19), Opinion of the Advocate General, 15 July 2021′

“The development of ‘web 2.0’, especially social media, has meant that many people are able to post content to potentially large audiences. The amount of content, however, and how to manage conflicting rights between different users has led to debate about the role of the platforms in helping remedy the problems that the platforms facilitate (that come along with the benefits the platforms enable). One particular issue is the acceptability of the use of filtering technologies, especially from the perspective of the freedom of expression of the user of the work. It has come before the courts before, when the courts – in the context of copyright claims – had expressed concerns about those techniques …” (more)

[Lorna Woods, EU Law Analysis, 10 August]

First posted 2021-08-10 16:00:41

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