Collins, Lester and Mantouvalou, ‘Does Labour Law Need Philosophical Foundations? (Introduction)’

This is the introductory chapter of the book Philosophical Foundations of Labour Law (Collins, Lester, Mantouvalou eds, OUP, 2018). It argues that labour law needs philosophical foundations and explains that careful reflection about underlying moral and political principles and values can serve to provide firm foundations and a clear sense of direction for labour law. At a time when many appear to doubt the value of labour laws and workers’ rights at all, the chapter suggests that it is necessary to reassert that the values and principles that provide the foundations for a system of labour law are not those of a narrow special interest group, but rather embrace interpretations of key values such as freedom, autonomy, dignity, equal respect, democracy, and social justice.

Collins, Hugh and Lester, Gillian LL and Mantouvalou, Virginia, Does Labour Law Need Philosophical Foundations? (Introduction) (January 12, 2018). Hugh Collins, Gillian Lester, Virginia Mantouvalou (eds), Philosophical Foundations of Labour Law, OUP, 2018.

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