‘Case Law, Australia: Google Inc v Duffy, Appeal court finds Google liable for publication of defamatory content of snippets and hyperlinked articles’

“In an important judgment handed down on 4 October 2017 in the case of Google Inc v Duffy ([2017] SASFC 130) the Full Court of the Supreme Court of Australia upheld the decision of Blue J ([2015] SASC 170) that Google Inc was liable for the defamatory content of the hyperlinks and paragraphs in search results on the claimant’s name. The Court was unanimous on the publication issues but Kourakis CJ dissented on the issue as to whether Google Inc had a ‘qualified privilege’ defence. The Full Court dismissed Dr Duffy’s cross appeal against the judge’s award of Aus$100,000 damages ([2015] SASC 206)…” (more)

[Hugh Tomlinson, Inforrm’s Blog, 8 October]

First posted 2017-10-09 06:04:04

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