‘Business and Human Rights Symposium: Third Party Human Rights Harms and the Duty of Care’

“The North Mara gold mine in Tanzania has been under scrutiny for many years now. Reports paint a picture of ongoing corruption, environmental harms, and human rights violations, including the excessive use of force by private security and police forces working with the mining company. In 2013 a group of twelve individuals filed a lawsuit against Acacia Mining (formerly African Barrick Gold Plc) and North Mara Gold Mine Ltd in the High Court of London, alleging complicity in attacks by police against the local residents around the North Mara mine that resulted in deaths and injuries …” (more)

[Jindan-Karena Mann and Nicky Touw, Opinio Juris, 23 June]

First posted 2021-06-23 12:00:13

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